Selected Letters of St. Jane Frances de Chantal


We are all so apt to idealise the Saints whom we love to study and honour, and strive to imitate, that we are in danger of forgetting that they possessed a human nature like our own, subject to many trials, weaknesses and frailties. They had to struggle as we have to struggle. In the case of some of the saints we are able to come nearer to the reality by reading the letters which have been preserved, in which in their own handwriting they have set down, without thought of those who in later days might read their words, the details of their daily life and struggle. Thus in the few selected letters of the holy foundress of the Visitation which are now being published in an English translation, we get glimpses of her real character and spiritual growth which may be more helpful to us than many pages of formal biography.


255 page book, Impr 1917


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Selected Letters of St. Jane Frances de Chantal


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