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St. Joseph Cupertino

This short TIA essay encourages the singing of the Salve Regina at the end of the family rosary.  A link near the end will take you to a page with the sheet music and a recording of Fr. Somerville singing it.  If that doesn't suit, there are many lovely versions available on Youtube.

In this post on the currently raging "cardinal war" over communion for the divorced and remarried, Rorate Caeli pokes a bit of historical fun at the novus ordo sect with a picture of St. Thomas More, suitably captioned.

Coal mining is being hit hard by environmentalists in the US and Spain, depriving thousands of men of their jobs.  Marielena Montesino de Stuart tells the story on her blog and includes the Catholic angle of Stericycle's incineration of aborted babies.  She closes with a touching video of a Spanish coal miners' choir singing a song to their patroness, St. Barbara.

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