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The wedding vows sound easy, but sometimes husbands need a checklist to which they can refer on a daily basis.  The Catholic Gentlemen provides an excellent one in today's post, "Keep Dating Your Wife: 25 Ways to Show Your Wife You Love Her."

Here is a wonderful fall project for Dad and the boys--build a backyard smokehouse.  These DIY plans on The Owner-Builder Network site include lots of great pics, and the finished product is quite attractive.  H/T to Homestead and Survival dot com.

Don't you sometimes wish that you could sniff the spices in the jars at the store, so you could figure out if you want to try one that you are unfamiliar with?  Well, the next best thing is this incredibly awesome spice guide compiled by The Kitchn Each item on the list has a short description, and you can click on the spice name and go to a page with lots more info.  You'll want to bookmark or pin it.


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