One Week

In Jesus Meets His Blessed Mother - The Family and the Cross, Finer Femininity shares a superb meditation for Holy Week from Joseph Breig. It eloquently illustrates the fact that we cannot comprehend Our Lord’s Passion without the lens and aid of Our Lady’s sufferings. “What death tears apart is an arrangement of nature; and that is a frightful tearing. But it is as nothing compared with the forcible separation of total love from total love.”

The Short Method of the Stations of the Cross from Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals is an illustrated guide to an abbreviated version of this devotion, making it easier for even the busiest of us to contemplate the Passion and Death of Our Lord by this most efficacious of methods.

Lastly, to aid in your observance of Holy Week, we would like to share this audio recording of St. Robert Bellarmine’s The Seven Words on the Cross. “Our Lord did not endure the torments of the Cross by chance, or unwillingly, since He had chosen this kind of death from all eternity…”

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