Of Kings and Crowns

St. Michael of the Apparition

In this Nobility piece, a historian commissions and pays for a crown for King Richard III, whose bones were exhumed from under a parking lot in Leicester.  He was originally buried in Glenfriars Church in 1485, but it had been destroyed during the Reformation and its location lost.  The BBC has a whole series of articles on the story as it developed, from tracking down the DNA to the analysis of the bones.  Interestingly, the research revealed that Richard did not have a withered arm, although it did validate that his spine was severely affected with scoliosis.

"A Life of Remarkable Service that Should Not be Forgotten":  This Mad Monarchist profile on King William IV of the United Kingdom helps bring to light a monarch who has been overshadowed by his successor, Queen Victoria.  Of especial interest for us moderns who foster the extension of childhood, William became a midshipman in the Navy at age 13.

Louie Verrecchio recognizes the weakness in the arguments against the "Black Mass" that is scheduled to take place on Monday by the Harvard Extension Cultural Studies Club and The Satanic Temple.  He quotes "Deacon" Greg Kandra to prove his point:  Vatican II Catholics do not think and feel with the Church.  They uncrowned Christ the King.


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