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Taking it to the peripheries?  Sandro Magister uses Pew Research survey results to show that Francis can't use Germany's "ideals" as the basis for changing Church teaching, not that Church teaching was every based on surveys.

Francis continues to pay homage to the homosexuals, this time kissing the hand of activist "priest" Don Michele De Paolis.

Big surprise.  Francis is not concerned about heresies in Kasper's book.  That's how you arrive at "serene theology" after all.

The reason the FFI has been punished is because they see problems with Vatican II, which is equivalent to denying the Holy Spirit, according to the Secretary for the Congregation for Consecrated Life.  Thankfully, Suor Cristina embraces Vatican II fully and is busy "witnessing" her faith with new performances.  Flashdance.  What a feeling!

It seems more people are waking up. In this editorial from The Week Michael Brenden Dougherty makes the same kind of clear-headed observations about Pope Francis that sedevacantists have been making about the Conciliar Popes for decades.

Although the headline of this article states that the sexual abuse advisory board is to develop strict accountability protocols for dealing with bishops who fail to report cases of priestly sexual abuse (thus making it appear as if the Francis curia is addressing the problem), reading deeper into the article leads one to discover that 1) no protocols were drafted; 2) the board has not even set a time lime for drafting the protocols; and 3) neither has the board set a date for a future meeting. That’s some tough leadership for you.

This unusual article is notable for revealing the confusion rampant in the social justice-oriented Catholic left, of which Francis is the head. It begins by relating the case of a young woman, Elizabeth Helton, who lost her health insurance due to her company’s need to restructure in accordance with the ACA mandate, and how she shared her story with the Priest-Labor Initiative. Missing from the article’s subsequent analysis is any mention of the fact that USCCB is on record stating that it would have supported Obamacare except for the fact that it funded contraception and abortion and did not provide for illegal immigrants, despite the fact that economically knowledgeable critics had long warned that the passage of the law would have precisely this effect on workers like Elizabeth. Even more ironic is that the Priest-Labor initiative announced its intention to focus more on the needs of immigrants in the future. Cheap immigrant workers compete directly with organized labor for jobs, which means that this pivot towards immigrants somewhat contradicts the Initiative’s state purpose. Social Justice is so confusing these days!

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