Men, it’s Time to Hustle!

Men Need Adventure: How the Christian’s Adventure Differs from the World’s is a brilliant article by Dr. Jared Staudt on Those Catholic Men. Dr. Staudt explains how men strive for adventure in this world, and also quotes Chesterton on the truth that we can experience adventure only in a land of authority – not in a land of anarchy.


In The Art of Manliness’ article, The World Belongs to Those Who Hustle, Brett urges men to “turn off the TV and start hustling”. He also reveals his personal experiences with hustling and what he has achieved because of it.  A fantastic article and a must-read for men!


And finally, even though we should start working hard to achieve our aspirations, it is important to embrace the “heroic duty of the present moment.” Sam Guzman’s article, The Duty of the Moment, is a great reminder of the importance of the mundane tasks of everyday life.


So, men, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hustle!

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