How to End a Conversation

Brett at The Art of Manliness is at it again! This time, with Kate McKay, he writes How to End a Conversation. "If all else fails, you can always make like the writer George Plimpton, who always carried around two drinks at events. If he found himself stuck in an unwanted conversation, he’d politely extricate himself by saying he needed to deliver the other drink!" Brilliant.

Alan Scott at Grow in Virtue tells his story of an experience in Gaining Perspective Via a Near Death Accident. "And me, barely able to catch my own breath, managed to say, 'Good grief, in the span of 15 minutes, I’ve been in two car accidents'."

Last on today's Restoration Reader, Sam Guzman publishes on The Catholic Gentleman, Six Ways to Live a Joyful Life From St. John Bosco. What society says will make us happy is quite different to the recommendations of a Saint.


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