Heresy of Indifferentism

Saint Mary Magdalen de’ Pazzi’s feast will be celebrated on Sunday the 29th.  Learn about her truly extraordinary life in She Withstood the Devil from Nobility before the feast is come and gone.  What a wonderful example of devotion to the Blessed Sacrament and patient bearing of ill health is this Carmelite mystic!


Catholic Harbor of Faith and Morals presents an appropriate article for our times, Heresy of Indifferentism by Rev. Bertrand L. Conway, C.S.P.  “A good man is bound to search for the revelation of God, once he begins to doubt about the validity of his own ethical and religious convictions. It is just as much a sin to deny the known truth or to be indifferent in its search, as to commit murder or adultery. This is a principle which the modern world has forgotten, but it will have to come back to it. It is a truth that the Catholic Church is ever trying to drive home to every heart and mind.”  Be sure to read through to the end including the confronting quote of Pope Eugene IV from the Council of Florence, ex cathedra.


Once Upon a Time at Home by Martin Cothran is an article from Memoria Press in which the author shows how embracing the custom of reading aloud has enriched the life of his family.  In our digitalized, artificial world, many of these once-common family traditions and wholesome customs are dying out; they are being thrown off the same cliff from which Luther cast the first stone and from which society is throwing every last vestige of natural morality.

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