Glories of Mary – Book Review

The "Glories of Mary,” written by St. Alphonsus Liguori, 1868, is a work which can be best and most-simply described in just one word: Perfect. This is no wonder, for it is a book devoted to the most perfect creature God has ever placed on this earth, our most Blessed Mother. This book provides both consolation and exhortation, inspires both joy and holy fear, prevents laxity and settles excessive scrupulosity. Any soul can, and will, benefit from this commendable work. Its structure and style completely captivates the attention of the reader, moreover, it serves as a spiritual reading book, a story book and a prayer book, all in one.

In the “Glories of Mary,” St. Alphonsus beautifully illustrates the attributes of Holy Mary with accuracy, conviction and proof, leaving the reader awestruck. Light is thrown on the fact that, just as no one reaches the Father but through Our Lord Jesus Christ, no one reaches Our Lord Jesus Christ but through His Most Blessed Mother. So also, just as Our Lord Jesus Christ can refuse His Mother nothing, His Mother cannot refuse to aid those who ask her intercession; even and especially the most-hardened sinners! The following quote is taken from the book: "The Blessed Virgin herself revealed this to St. Bridget, saying: 'As a mother who sees her son exposed to the sword of the enemy, makes every effort to save him, thus do I, and will I ever do for my children, sinful though they be, if they come to me for help.'”

In the knowledge of our own sinfulness, we feel ashamed and rightfully unworthy to go before the throne of God for fear that He will banish us from His sight forever, as we deserve. We may even be tempted to despair. In His Infinite Mercy and Love, God has given us His own spotless Mother to be our intercessor. In doing so, God not only provides us with an unfailing means of assistance, but also gives us an example of humility through His Divine Condescension; that He would deign to share His own beloved Mother with us, that we poor sinners may in fact also have her as our Mother! An excerpt from the book reads: “When God saw the great desire of Mary to devote herself also to the salvation of men, he ordained that by the sacrifice and offering of the life of this same Jesus, she might co-operate with him in the work of our salvation, and thus become mother of our souls.”

God has given us this incredible privilege, and in return, must we not show our gratitude by using it as much as we can? Must we not do everything in our power to learn about Our Lady and strive to appreciate just how much she truly loves us? And does it not make sense to have constant recourse and confidence towards this most-powerful Virgin? More importantly, if not most importantly, we must not forget about the reparation due to sin, either. The Sacred Heart of Jesus is Perfection Itself. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is perfection itself. These two Hearts have given nothing but love, yet these two Hearts are the most offended, receiving no relief from the sins of man. If devotion to Our Lady is necessary in regards to our own salvation and the reparation of our own personal sins, the need of this devotion is even more apparent for the sake of all sinners who do not know to pray for themselves. The reading of the "Glories of Mary” is a sure means of being truly inspired to create and cultivate a strong fidelity to Our Blessed Lady. To that end, I highly recommend this book to everyone, regardless of their age or state in life.

Holy Mother of God, please pray for us!

Angela Arthur

Angela Arthur received a Catholic education via homeschooling, along with her nine siblings. She now enjoys working for her family's business, and being Choir Mistress, and occasionally the Organist, for "Mary Help of Christians Chapel" in Victoria, Australia.

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