From the Archives: Fr Donald Sanborn Q&A, Episode 20: The Social Kingship of Christ

In this episode of From the Archives: Fr Donald Sanborn Q&A, the then Fr. Sanborn discusses the social Kingship of Christ and related topics such as:

  • The Reign of Christ the King
  • The source of authority
  • The idea of separation of Church and State
  • Objectivity
  • How we would see the manifestation of Christ's Kingship in everyday life
  • The world without His Kingship
  • Father Donald Sanborn

    Father Donald Sanborn

    We are pleased to present a new ongoing project here at True Restoration - From the Archives: Fr Donald Sanborn Q&A! This content will draw from an old television series that ran in the late 1980's to the early 1990's and featured various Traditional Catholic Clergy expounding on the teachings of Holy Mother Church along with current events; similar to our Behind the Headlines project which featured Bp. Dolan and Fr. McKenna.

    All these episodes live freely on the internet, but for our annual membership we've taken up the task of producing a more polished version of the content in podcast format and focusing on the valuable insights and knowledge of the then Fr. Donald Sanborn. We offer these episodes as a special bonus which will be released throughout the year exclusively to our annual members at the $150 Tier and above. Please enjoy these episodes of vintage Bp. Donald Sanborn!

    The music used in this show was composed by Nicholas Wilton. To enjoy more of his work go to:

    Original Air Date: September 4, 2023
    Show Run Time: 19 minutes
    Show Guest: Bp. Donald Sanborn

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