All Francis Friday: October 11, 2013

John Allen at National Catholic Reporter twists the prodigal son parable, making Catholics who don't like what Francis is doing look bad by comparing them to the elder son.   So in John Allen's story, gays, atheists, adulterers, etc., play the prodigal son.  Funny, we thought the prodigal son repented before he came home.  And the father stood his ground and waited.  He didn't go after him and tell him to let his conscience be his guide.  Gee whiz.

Francis the Destroyer.  Fr. Anthony Cekada examines the demolished foundation of the the Church's magisterium.

Reading Francis through Catherine Anne Emmerich is really, really scary.  Steve Skojek hits the highlights of an Orwell's Picnic post.

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2 Responses

  1. arthur says:

    The Wikipedia entry on Anne Catherine Emmerich is pretty negative, calling her books a pious fraud by a certain Clemens Brentano.

  2. Dear Arthur,

    Thanks for your comment! First, I apologize for not explaining in my intro why I chose to link to that Anne Catherine Emmerich post by Steve Skojek. I think I inadvertently caused some confusion by not including that information. So here is what you should know: I am monitoring the way different types of Catholics are reacting to Francis. That “mainstream” Catholics are considering that he could be an anti-pope is what made the piece newsworthy to me, not the reliability of the prophecy itself. I am in no way endorsing the prophecy. I know very little about it. In fact, I have the book but haven’t read it.

    I’m so glad that you brought this up, though. It prompted me to go read the Wikipedia entry. I agree with you. It does indeed sound negative. If you are interested in looking into this further, here is a link from a librarians’ blog that gives guidelines for using Wikipedia as a starting place.

    Thanks again for your comment.

    Wendy Haught
    Social Media Manager
    True Restoration