For You Have an Immortal Soul

St. Remigius

More and more the emphasis in modern life is on efficiency.  But is that Catholic?  In "Make Your Work an Act of Worship," Fr. M. Raymond, OSCO, draws on traditional Church teaching, including encyclicals by Leo XIII and Pius XI, to put work in the proper perspective.  This Catholic Gentleman post was adapted from a chapter in the book, Spiritual Secrets of a Trappist Monk.

Using popular news stories, Anthony Esolen points out the ridiculous effectiveness of the Screwtape Strategy in this essay for The Catholic Thing.

Art historian M. Duffy of Ad Imaginem Dei blog studies portraits of St. Thomas More and Thomas Cromwell that were painted by Hans Holbein the Younger.  Surprisingly, they hang opposite each other in the Living Hall of Henry Clay Frick.  Fascinating details of their lives and personalities emerge in this insightful piece from the archives.

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