“When man is doing the three or four things that he was sent on this earth to do, then he speaks like one who shall live for ever. …There are in life certain immortal moments, moments that have authority.” The Hebdomadal Chesterton shares The language of eternity, full of G.K.’s trademark wit and profundity, on the topic of identifying the noble.

Next we have a piece published at Those Catholic Men entitled Three Ways Children Teach Their Fathers About Eternity. The surest inoculation against infection with modernity is to be conscious of eternity, and little compares to raising children when it comes to being aware of the immortality of the human soul. The author shares a few ways his own children have taught him to be mindful of eternity.

Prayer is a vital and central part of Catholic life, but it is not always satisfying or pleasurable… does that mean you’re doing something wrong, missing a crucial component, or spiritually troubled? Of course not! Señorita Rita excerpts from “Light and Peace” by R. P. Quadrupani, Barnabite in How Ought We To Pray? to offer sage and practical advice.

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