Ero Cras

Imagine yourself transported from the Old World where Christmas was always richly celebrated with centuries-old Catholic traditions and for the full Yuletide to the glitzy United States of the 50s. Where did Advent Go? - Maria Von Trapp from Finer Femininity diarises the struggle that Maria Augusta von Trapp and her family had understanding the American way of having Christmas over and done with in record time, with carols silenced and decorated trees nowhere to be seen by the time January has barely begun. The Trapp family was greatly disturbed in finding the beautiful season of Advent simply non-existent in their new country, but they didn’t abandon their customs in order to fit in. Take a leaf out of Maria Von Trapp’s book; don’t let the superficial world and its version of “Christmas” influence you and your family’s activities, but be determined to observe this feast as a Catholic should, complete with the season of preparation and the full season of celebration.

What Are The O Antiphons? - Learning About A Catholic Advent Tradition is an article from Catholic Icing which gives a quick lesson on the O Antiphons. The hymn “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” is chanted in the octave leading up to Christmas, one verse being added every evening until all seven verses are sung on December 23rd. Each verse corresponds to one of the seven appellations with which the long-awaited Messiah is referred in the prophecies of Isaias.

Finally, provided by A Blog for Dallas Area Catholics is the post, Two Great Saints on Prayer. “Just some spiritual fruit for you as we launch into a new liturgical year and a season that should be deeply immersed in prayer and penance, Advent.  I pray you find this excerpt edifying.”

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