The Root of the Rot

The series "The Root of the Rot" on Restoration Radio explores various aspects of Catholicism, history, and societal changes. It delves into the roots of the problems and challenges faced by the Catholic Church and society as a whole. The episodes discuss topics such as the French Revolution, the Catholic Reformation, the Renaissance period, the beginnings of modernity, Freemasonry, secularism, and the role of Jews in Christendom.

The series aims to provide a deeper understanding of the historical events and ideologies that have influenced the Church and society, with a focus on analyzing the causes and effects of these phenomena. The discussions involve Bishop Donald Sanborn, Bishop Daniel Dolan, and host Stephen Heiner, who provide insights and perspectives from a traditional Catholic viewpoint.

Episode Transcripts (Available to Annual Members and a la carte purchase)
Transcript: The Root of the Rot, Episode 1: The Christian Order (800-1274 A.D.) (PDF Download)
Transcript: The Root of the Rot, Episode 2: The Beginnings of Modernity (1274-1517 A.D.) (PDF Download)

Original Air Date: January 31, 2014
Show Guests: Bishop Daniel Dolan, Bishop Donald Sanborn
Show Host: Stephen Heiner

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