Contraception, Our Tale of Woe

St. Teresa of Portugal

"The Four Disastrous Effects of Artificial Contraception,"on A Catholic Life, clearly shows how the dire predictions made in Humanae Vitae have come true.  Additionally, it makes the point that contraception leads to abortion and is responsible for the whole idea of "the unplanned pregnancy".

"Everyone is Catholic, everyone is related and everyone shows up at Mass," say the inhabitants of two small villages in Michigan.  Even though this story focuses on two conservative novus ordo parishes, some good clues as to the conditions that foster vocations emerge in this New York Times report on the astounding percentage of young men and women who pursue the priesthood or religious life there.

Just another coronation charter?  Hacked down to three meaningless clauses?  In Dominic Selwood's latest blog post for The Telegraph, he contends that the Magna Carta really wasn't that magna to begin with.



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