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Original Catholic Art

Looking for that special piece of artwork for that particular room? Or perhaps you’re seeking customised Catholic Thank You cards, or that unique gift for a dear friend or family member? Search no longer,...

CMRI Part 2: Corrections and Answers to Objections

Some people read the article published last month about the CMRI without knowing anything about who I am and what I write about.  They didn’t know that I’m not one to rumor-monger, or to seek sensational headlines.  We are, in a way, very “boring” in what we offer: radio episodes on the Catechism, Sacred Scripture, the Liturgical Year, Our Lady, just to name a few.  We have long steered clear of controversial issues, though we recorded an episode on vaccines in January 2020, before it was a topic of real contention, in which a priest explained that vaccines themselves were neutral, and explained the principle of remote participation in an evil as spelled out by the principles of moral theology.  That is as close to a current “controversial” topic we have offered in recent years.