Behind the Lodge Door – Final Episode

Behind the Lodge Door, Episode 8: Final Episode – How It’s Done

Dan and Damo

(Season 7, Original Air Date: February 24, 2018, 1hour 36mins)

Want to learn why Freemasonry is a joke? –– as Damian puts it, ‘They’re never going to win’!

For a hilarious, but highly educational and fascinating insight into Freemasonry, check out this final episode of the ‘Behind the Lodge Door’ series with Damo (Damian) and Dan. The joviality and sound effects in their radio show might be a far cry from the seriousness of Paul Fischer, but the content is inspiring with Damian and Dan tackling a chapter of his ‘Behind the Lodge Door’ for the final time.

With Chapter 11 in their midst, Damian and Dan foreshadow concentrating on many things in ‘How It’s Done,’ such as how Freemasons recruit and lure men into the fraternity, how they target candidates, the oaths that they take, a little bit of symbolism, how they are linked (or perhaps control) the media as also the political sphere, together with going through the fraternity’s disguised power (in having secrets), and the military.

Starting with the ‘After Word’ which comes directly after Chapter 11, it may come as no surprise to hear that: ‘America has lost its way.’ Arguably, Damian clarifies how they never had a way though, as it was always the Freemasonic way, given ‘America is a Freemasonic Experiment.’ They present the recruiting link produced by the Indiana Freemasons which provide for basically a daily guide for living, which will evidence how Freemasonry might appear to be a ‘way’ or even a ‘life,’ but it is certainly not the Truth!

Perhaps Damian’s reference to a 1943 anti-masonic French film dedicated to exposing the Freemasons might tickle your fancy! Together with off-tangent humour about dentists and Tasmania, interwoven with delightful sarcasm, you will be better placed to learn how Freemasons show themselves in better lights with colourful parades, as opposed to how they devastate the Roman Catholic Faith by stepping on stones and defiling holy things.

However, if talk about an old French film and various jokes still leave you wanting more, listeners will love how Damian and Dan go through the actual oaths Freemasons make and take. Of course, it may mean that to really be a Mason you have to get through to the Third Degree (once there, they can move out to the ‘appendant bodies’ like the Scottish Rite, the Shriners, etc.), but in any way when one is accepted into the ‘Brotherhood’ as a Mason, these rites will simply leave you flabbergasted. That, as also learning where the term ‘Don’t give me the third degree; we’re giving him the third degree!’ comes from.

…prescribe a mode of death that is cruel, unusual and unfit for utterance from human lips. – John Quincy Adams.

Those who enjoy history will particularly enjoy hearing about what former-President John Quincy Adams himself commented on Freemasonry around 150 years ago, including the viciousness of the binding oaths – aside from being extra-judicial and contrary to the laws of the land, they violate basic Christian teaching and impose a commitment to keep undefined secrets unknown to the person swearing the oath with the imposition of a penalty of death for violation of the oath.

With such criticisms by former U.S. Presidents, you will perhaps not be surprised to learn that almost none of the craft’s teaching originated with Christianity, but rather in China, 4,000 years ago, in the priesthood of ancient Egypt, and even claims of being from the Jews of the Captivity and so forth. Yet, it will be made abundantly clear that Freemasons have purloined Christian teachings and martyrology with their own Luciferian concepts. To hear how they have conflated Saint John with pagan festivals, listeners will have to tune in!

To add to all these diabolical ideas, you will be able to make up your own mind as to whether you can sense any ‘brotherly-love vibes’ when there is much talk about vultures, hearts being ripped out, burned, or bodies split open and placed on pinnacles with entrails eaten, as well as other revolting punishments inflicted on others. That, as well as the black art of persuasion with actual secrets unknown.

At the moment only 2% of British Masons are under 30 years old, and almost 100 lodges are said to have closed each year since 2006. – Article referred to in-episode.

Culminating the wretched history and workings of Freemasonry, discover how Freemasonry ties in with the Vatican Council II – even the statistics of numbers falling despite false pretences and soundbites run parallels!

In a bid to try and spread membership, 55 university lodges have been set up since 2005 in the UK, and membership fees have been reduced for members under 25. – Damian.

Thankfully, some humour of the duo perfectly illustrates the current status of Freemasonry when Dan surmises that ‘the market value of Masonry has gone down’ and Damian further suggests ‘So if you have shares on the Masons, sell now!’ The fundamental questions about Freemasonry are covered as the duo go through The Masonic Membership Outreach Handbook. Notably, as Damian says, that to be a Freemason: ‘you can’t be a woman; you can’t be black; you can’t have a disability; you have to have lots of money, and you have to have an IQ above 130.’ Very welcoming and catering for all, there, isn’t it?!

For more historical insights about the influence Freemasonry has had in U.S. judicial history, with figures like Hugo Black especially, and Thomas Jefferson (and the Danbury Baptists), then tune in to hear what they did and how they set up a ‘wall of separation’ between Church and State, along with an infiltration of the Enlightenment principles of ‘Liberty, Fraternity, Equality.’ That, as well as to hear how the KKK can be seen as bogeymen, and how the Knights Templar can be seen as early prototypes of the Masons!

So with a very convoluted and dark history, along with supposedly creating ‘Heaven on earth’ (the Belinda Carlisle heresy), which makes Freemasonry as a metaphorical boil on society, it makes sense that the Freemasons rely on being very involved in society with colourful spectacles and charitable endeavours, as noted in the book ‘The Shriners.' ‘Little ears’ may also enjoy a cheesy poem, and those a little older may get laughs out of ‘pre-death wakes’ as also ‘sologomy’ and pre-nups to such ridiculous set-ups, as also talk about psychotropic drugs, recruitment, Jacques Demolay and conspiracies!

Annual Members can hear all about the Freemasons and how they revel in pursuing world domination with the art of deceit, because as Damian says: ‘it’s easier to deceive someone than to convince that they’ve been deceived.’ Operating under the cover of darkness, and infused with the errors of the French Revolution, it will be no surprise to learn that one of their catch-cries is ‘order out of chaos; out of chaos we will achieve order.’ However, with the restoration of Holy Mother Church, the evils of this condemned secret society will be overcome!

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