Behind the Mic: Matt Interviews Damo – Episode overview

Behind the Mic, Episode 5: Matt Interviews Damo

Matt Gaskin (Show Host) with Damo (Show Guest)

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… No, it’s… Damo! Be entertained and fascinated to hear more about Damo – co-host of Behind the Lodge Door – in this ‘Behind the Mic’ instalment.

Listeners may find it hard to try and stop their cheeks from hurting after experiencing the banter between Matt and Damo. Some seriousness is selectively also entwined in this lively discussion, where Damo admonishes ‘humility is something you need to work on,’ though naturally he thinks he’s ‘nailed it’ and ‘is really good at it’ to the extent where he, jokingly, considered his Confirmation Name as being ‘Humility’ (*spoiler alert: it turned out to be Sebastian)! You will also be interested to hear more about concepts about honesty with ourselves, especially with society raised in a: ‘Because it is all about me’ mentality.

After hopefully regrouping those painful cheeks after fits of laughter, treat yourself to more bouts of sarcastic humour, taken to another level with regards to Bergoglio, supposedly living in the Dark Ages, and how the Modernist Church feels the need to keep changing, especially with the idea of being ‘inclusive’ as ‘everyone goes to Heaven anyway.’ And how could this segment be capped off any better, than with the lovely line of ‘Who am I to judge anyway?!’, with more repartee about ‘The Deep Sanctity of Damo’ – very edifying for everyone, no doubt! 

Amidst all the jocose chitchat, you will find out how Damo got into hosting on True Restoration in the first place. The story of Stephen Heiner calling Damo to try and supposedly befriend him, as well as what Damo thinks of his American accent, and how to get timezones correct between places like Mumbai and Alabama, will provide for more humour, but the very heartening conclusion of the difficulty in saying ‘no’ to an apostolate which tries to save souls, will bring a nice touch to this introductory question. 

After being presented with a book titled ‘Behind the Lodge Door,’ Damo shares more about how he finds co-hosting with Dan and True Restoration in general. The profoundness of being a voice for the clerics and helping converts is certainly inspiring to hear, as opposed to what Damo thinks of other organisations who indulge in luxury yachts and owning football clubs for $25m! 

What listeners may really enjoy hearing too, is a little background of Damo, and of his time when in the Australian Defence Force (or in plain speaking terms, the army). From his endeavours in studying and on-the-job training, to being an Army Apprentice diesel mechanic, and then onto more time at the Royal Military College Duntroon and then an Officer in the army for over 11 years; you may be fascinated to hear how such a wealth of experience can lead to hosting on True Restoration!  

With learning such a multidimensional background to Damo, enriched with a beautiful marriage to Theresa – also a True Restoration host, hosting ‘The Catholic Home’ – viewers will be sure to find it interesting how marrying relatively young and being the head of a large Catholic family can be possible in today’s world. Young men aspiring to one day be called to the married state and wanting to be heads of Catholic families may particularly find it very useful to hear this segment!

To hear more about Damo’s family, stay tuned to this episode where Damo will talk more about his wife, Theresa, and their 10 children, along with Damo’s joke about how ‘9 out of 10 isn’t bad’ and which child Damo says ‘has a head only a mother can love’! These light-hearted moments, along with more about how Damo relaxes with his family, who though are avid True Restoration listeners, highlight the importance of simply spending time together, sitting around the table, drinking tea, playing the odd game of Ping-Pong or chess and other board games – it’s taking the things that may seem ordinary but doing them in view of the Faith.

Finally, be captivated to hear more about Damo’s show, ‘Behind the Lodge Door,’ and how he and his co-host, Dan, have taken it in a new direction. To hear more about who has a face which ‘we look at you and smile,’ stay tuned, because amidst the gravity of a show which covers a very serious topic dealing with various facets of history, Zionist Jews, and Freemasons, Damo shares how he and Dan weave in jokes and comic relief to deal with tackling how a Freemasonic organisation infiltrated the structure of the Catholic Church. With this labyrinth of details, and working through the creation and history of Freemasonry, viewers will surely be transfixed to hear more about this topical subject of our age, given its lasting effects from the disgraceful ‘The Second Vatican non-Council’! 

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