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St. Bernard

"The Quietness of Good" by Sam Guzman of Catholic Gentleman fame, was published in May, but with everyone's news feeds gushing with the latest atrocities, it seems a good time to bring it back out.

H. E. Bishop Donald Sanborn ain't puttin' up with no contradictions.  No, sir.  In his second post for his new blog, In Veritate, he takes a hard look at the situation in the Ukraine and compares it with similar historical situations.

In this Fix the Family post, "Tap in to Masculine Power," Raylan Alleman cracks the whip on feminism and explains how it correlates with the new phenomenon of irresponsible boy-men. 

Lest you've forgotten what it's like, this quick read from The Thinking Housewife provides a lovely picture and a short quote on true femininity.

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