“And the Violent Bear It Away”

“The kingdom of heaven suffereth violence, and the violent bear it away.” – Matthew 11:12  What inspiring words!  Can’t you hear the Master calling, urging us to cast aside all hesitation and earthly fear and serve Him with fervor?  Saint Benedict heeded the call and the spirit of his devotion emanates from his holy rule.  Lollygaggers Need Not Apply from Vultus Christi gives a sample of the great father of western monasticism’s advice, the gist of it being that we take care not to be tardy in cooperating with the graces God grants.


If you have had the good fortune to avoid coming into contact with the May video put out by the current papal pretender, then your luck has, as of this moment, run out.  Once again that noxious plague of feminism rears her... uh... I mean, its ugly head, but The Thinking Housewife’s post, Feminist Jorge, will assuage your holy outrage with a heartfelt prayer to Our Lady.


The War of Will is a rousing and encouraging article from Señorita Rita in which she points out that humility is the key to controlling emotions and overcoming those days when everything seems to be against us.  “God knows what is best for us in every circumstance and at every moment, since He is omnipotent.  He loves us more than our minds will ever understand.  And because of this, He will surely give us all we need if we only trust in Him with confidence and resignation!”

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