And Paul VI Wept

The Death of the Pentecost Octave or Welcome to Ordinary Time:   According to "Fr." Zuhlsdorf, Paul VI was surprised to see green vestments on Pentecost Monday in 1970.   Kind of hard to believe, but it makes for a good story.

The enduring nature of the traditional liturgical year is reflected in some of the most unusual places--like some European stock markets which are closed today for Whit Monday.

"Guda a sinner wrote and painted this book."  Thanks to banderoles, we have that endearing message from a 12th century nun-scribe, as explained by Julie Somers in "Listening to the Text: The Medieval Speech Bubble" for the Medieval Fragments blog.

Sometimes you just need a totally different perspective, the kind that only the undersea world can offer, where you can forget the world and all its craziness and delight in a creature like a Sea Hare.  Hilary White animatedly relates her snorkeling experience, and laments, "My kingdom for an underwater camera!"



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