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Don't be snooty, shake your booty!  In this Vatican Insider article from Tuesday, Francis encourages Catholics to "come out of their shell" and to dance in front of the Lord.  Apparently this was the set-up for the news that he would be attending the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Rome this June, as reported Thursday by Novus Ordo Watch.  Francis didn't neglect to address the traditionalists, though.  Near the end of the article, he is quoted thus:  “Those, who are closed in the formality of a prayer that is cold, stingy, might end up as Michal, in the sterility of her formality.”  Those trads!  They just won't tango!

When he says something Catholic, it's hard to believe.  Rorate reports on Francis' Address to the Trustees of Notre Dame du Lac.

Papa was a rolling stone?  CFN resignedly shares the news of Francis' latest appearance on a magazine cover.

In his second essay on this text, Atila Sinke Guimarães identifies "Internal Contradictions in Evangelii Gaudium".

The Francis Technique:  How to re-categorize abortion into something more popular, like poverty.  Mundabor explains.

Francis' teaching on the Muslims provides the tension in this video by Louie Verrecchio, St. Peter and His Successor.


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