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St. John Capistran

The Francis-Obama summit: where the popular one meets the unpopular one so they can exchange gifts and "dialogue" about poverty and world peace.   National Catholic Reporter sums up the meeting this way: "Although the Vatican press release gave equal space to international issues and the concerns of the American bishops, the actual discussions were overwhelmingly on international issues."  Vatican Insider provides the business end of the coverage here.  Marielena Montesino de Stuart exposes the shame of honoring Obama, "the most extreme pro-abortion president in US history" with Vatican fanfare here.

Mundabor's Blog details Francis' disturbing personality trait:  The humble "pope" disdains good Catholics.  But he is admired by unsavory characters like Obama and this Satan worshiper, Benjamin Creme, who claims that Francis is inspired by a 'World Teacher' called Maitreya. According to this post, at That the Bones You Have Crushed, this claim, though not to be taken seriously on its own, is significant in its approval of Francis by occultists.

This month's episode of Restoration Radio's Francis Watch, sponsored by Novus Ordo Watch, is available here, as well as a lengthy list of links for related stories.  In this program, which aired last night, Bishop Donald Sanborn and Father Anthony Cekada draw clear distinctions between the true Catholic faith and Francis' Newchurch, with a particular focus on the papal shenanigans of the last month.





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