Why Subscribe?

After the early wild-west days of content creation in which everything was free all the time, it became obvious to nearly all creators that this was neither a desirable nor sustainable state of affairs. After all, you do get what you pay for. Worse, readers were conditioned to expect everything for free, which has never been the case for information in the history of the world. The most poignant reminder of the combined cost of labor and intellectual work could be found in the person of the medieval scribe who spent his entire life copying and illustrating masterpieces that we now have as part of our patrimony.  No one expected that scribe to pay for his own paper, ink, and paint, much less his room and board.

Almost all quality content on the internet now has a monthly recurring charge for access, be it something as simple as access to streaming movies or something as ordinary as newspapers (The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and the Financial Times, just to name a few, use the "freemium" model that we now use).

Simply put: True Restoration is not operated from a trust fund, nor is it maintained for free, nor does it possess tax-free exemption. It is a closely held for-profit corporation and has costs it has to pay in order to exist and thrive, and in order to maintain the ability to keep bringing the best Catholic content to the world, it needs to pay those costs and set aside funds for growth. This is especially true for its radio and media divisions, which are both labor and cost intensive.

As long as Catholics are paying members of TR in large enough numbers, our apostolate will be sustained, and God willing, even grow. If it ever ceases to break even, it will simply close up shop. We exist because Catholics will us to exist through their generosity, because clergy are willing to give us their time, and because God has chosen to bless our work.

Even if you don’t choose to become a paying member, a substantial amount of our back catalog has been made available to you by generous sponsors who have paid so that you can benefit from these programs forever. Please enjoy!

On behalf of our outstanding team here at TR, and for the Restoration, we remain yours

In Christo et Maria

Stephen Heiner and Jason Guardiano
Owners, True Restoration