We Should Choose Something Like a Star

Saint of the Day:  St. Calliopius

Here, like a distant star, twinkles a little hope, a bit of encouragement, that this too shall pass:  "The Cistercians are Back at Zirc", published by The Catholic Thing, traces the history of a Hungarian monastery that is reviving after the end of Communist rule.

With "Adoption has Become a Conservative Sacred Cow," Ethika Politica whispers the tragic story of adoption in America and pricks consciences about some of its modern practices, practices that leave some adopted children with no knowledge of their ancestry, torn not only from any kin but also from their native country.

Jason Peters hates the automobile.  In this essay for FPR, "Recovering Bliss from the Conditions of Disaster" he bemoans the fact that a car makes distances "coverable".  He really just wants to stay home with the chief eyeroller.

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