One of the things we've been noticing in our Season 2 report card (which, if you haven't filled out yet, you need to do so here) is a trend for some to report that they cannot contribute financially.  Indeed, some of our listeners in Australia do not have access to high speed internet at home and have to go to the library to catch up on our program(me)s.  That's totally understandable.

Whatever your situation may be, if we do contribute to your life, would you consider giving back as a volunteer if you can't support our efforts financially?  We have need for all sorts of help - from audio transcription, to web work, to social media support.  Fill in the form and send it in.  (I expect those who clicked "listen every time there is a new program" and "can't contribute financially" in the report card to be first in line 🙂 )

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