TR Member Coffees 2019

One of the things I most enjoy about our work at True Restoration is getting to meet the members who help support our work and our clergy.  Beginning in June, I will be in the United States and want to use the opportunity to meet with those who may be in the States.  The dates and locations are:

  • June 10 - Dallas
  • June 16 - Omaha
  • July 2 - Colorado Springs
  • July 11 - Chicago
  • July 17 - Minneapolis
  • July 22 - Missoula
  • July 28 - Seattle
  • Aug 7 - Cheyenne
  • Aug 11 - Denver
  • Aug 13 - St Marys
  • Aug 15 - Kansas City

If you are a Digital, Monthly, or Annual Member, you are exclusively eligible to attend.  Coffee and refreshments are on us.  It's a chance to meet like-minded Catholics and share your ideas for what we could improve and add to our work.  Fill out the form below and we will reach out to give you further details.  We look forward to seeing you!

Stephen Heiner

Stephen founded True Restoration in 2006 and served as its first President until 2023. He now lives in Reading, Pennsylvania.