Clerical Conversations, Episode 10: Sports Build Character? (Part 2)

His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan and Father Anthony Cekada

On this month's episode of Clerical Conversations on the Crisis, we will bring a second installment of last month's show theme Sports Build Character? Part 1.

His Excellency and Father will respond to several question themes given to us by listeners, and then will continue to expound on their thoughts from last month's show. They will dig deeper into the modern understanding of sport and its place in today's society, and they also will examine forensically the fundamental problems with the Olympic Games. What relationship can Catholics have with sports in general, as well as active or passive participants? Why should we engage in sport to aid our physical well-being? What about children and organized sports? We will also dispel the internet rumors on St. Pius X's view of the olympic games, and finally why the proper understanding of the necessity of balance is so important.

Join us as His Excellency, Bishop Daniel Dolan and Father Anthony Cekada of St. Gertrude the Great Catholic Church in West Chester, Ohio return with new show host Nicholas Wansbutter to discuss these timely topics on this month's Clerical Conversations on the Crisis.

Original Air Date: March 6, 2014
Show Run Time: 1 hour 9 minutes
Show Guest(s): Bishop Daniel Dolan, Father Anthony Cekada
Show Host(s): Nicholas Wansbutter
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Novus Ordo Watch

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