Season Break – Holy Week

I would like to inform you all that our season break starts today.

During this break, Restoration Radio and True Restoration Media will pause and no content will be uploaded on these platforms. Restoration Reader will continue and will feature content pertaining solely to this blessed Holy Week.

Our press store will still be open during the break, so items can be ordered and we will process them. Transcripts will also be available. (New Transcripts now available here.)

Restoration Radio and True Restoration Media will recommence as of April 3rd, as that is when our season resumes.

Thank you, especially to our members, for supporting our cause for truth. I speak on behalf of the True Restoration team when I say we wish you a fruitful Holy Week and a blessed Easter. We hope you all have put in a great Lent and that you persevere to the end with fervor!

Matthew Arthur

Matthew is one of the Executive Producers of True Restoration Radio & Media. He lives in Melbourne, Australia and thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread. In reality, he's just okay.

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