Season 9, July Course: Clerical Conversations

Change seems to be the new constant of 2020, but our one consolation is that God does not change and His Church will last until the end of time. The Church celebrates this July —as it always does— as the month of the Precious Blood. How Our Lord shed His blood for the salvation of souls is the ultimate sacrifice of love, for which we will never be grateful enough. May He deliver us by His Precious Blood from the sufferings we now endure for the sins of the world.

We release only 4 episodes this month, beginning July 6th, from our continuing series: Clerical Conversations. This series will begin with host Stephen Heiner and his guest, Bp. Daniel Dolan, and conclude with host Justin Eldracher and his guest, Fr. Philip Eldracher. Included in these episodes are the recounted stories of certain American missionaries, discussed by Bp. Daniel Dolan, as well as the topic of homeschooling; which has become even more prevalent these days in certain parts of the world, discussed by Fr. Eldracher.

All of the most recent episodes of True Restoration are exclusively accessible to our valued members. We continue to offer Monthly and Annual Memberships in support of the Traditional Catholic clergy, in an effort to bring quality Catholic content to all who seek it! This season, monthly memberships include access to all of the current season’s releases, including this series, Clerical Conversations. Enjoy this series today by becoming a member!

Enjoy multiple perspectives this month, from Stephen Heiner, in his discussions with Bp. Dolan, and from Justin Eldracher with his brother, Fr. Eldracher, pastor of Mary Help of Christians Chapel in Melbourne, Australia, in this series entitled: Clerical Conversations.

Clerical Conversations, Episode 29: American Heroes

In this episode of Clerical Conversations, Bp. Dolan shares some stories of the true early American heroes: the missionaries. A special note of thanks to Nicholas Wilton for allowing us the use his music...

Clerical Conversations, Episode 30: Fatima-Industrial Complex

In this episode of Clerical Conversations, Bp Dolan and Stephen discuss the Fatima-Industrial Complex, and the problems inherent in using private revelation to form your spiritual life and theological worldview. A special note of...

Clerical Conversations, Episode 31: Organ Music in the Church

In this episode of Clerical Conversations, Father Eldracher and his brother Justin talk about the history of organs in liturgical music and delve into the intricacies of how they produce such a wide range...

Clerical Conversations, Episode 32: The Catholic School

Join Father Eldracher and his brother Justin as they discuss what the ideal of a Catholic school is, and how we can come close to that during the ongoing crisis in the Church. Father...

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