The Catholic Home, Episode 7: The Holy Face Devotion

St Therese with the Holy Face image

St. Therese with the Holy Face image

"The Work of Reparation" – Defenders of the Holy Name
Devotions – which are expressions of true devotion - are the foundation of every Catholic home. In this show, Veronica explains why this particular devotion is so critical for our current crisis, and how it came into being in its current form.
The Holy Face devotion is the union, and representation, of all the devotions pertaining to the Sacred Humanity of Christ. Therefore, it is an especial antidote for the disfigurement of the human image in these times, as well as the making of the human image into an idol.
Did you know that there was a public miracle associated with Saint Veronica’s veil in 1849, in Saint Peter’s Basilica, when Our Lord’s Face became very distinct, that lasted for three hours?
Did you know that this devotion has received three Papal Approbations, and Indulgences granted by Pope Leo XIII, during the 1800’s?
Did you know this “Work of Reparation,” being an integral part of the Holy Face devotion, was said by Our Lord in private revelation to be, His chosen instrument for the defeat of the revolutionary men of this age?
Holyface-relic-framedDid you know that devotion to the Holy Face is associated with countless miracles, and that it has many wonderful promises associated with it?
Even if you already know about the Holy Face and are a confraternity member, this show will encourage you to foster a deeper understanding and love for the Holy Face of Jesus - and will inspire you with more zeal for the spread of this monumental work. For those who are not aware of this devotion, you will surely succumb to the irresistible appeal of Our Divine Lord’s Holy Face which has been so disfigured by sin – both our own sins and all the sins of the world - especially those sins of modern times that offend God the most.

"Rejoice, My Daughter, because the hour approaches when the most beautiful work under the sun will be born."
Our Lord to Sister Mary of St. Peter about the Work of Reparation


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Original Air Date: August 5, 2015
Show Run Time: 54 minutes
Show Guest(s): Veronica
Show Host(s): Theresa
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