The Flagship Show, Episode 7: For Greater Glory


For Greater Glory (CNS/ARC Entertainment)

On this month's episode of the Flagship Show, we will discuss and review the movie For Greater Glory.

In a morally impoverished world, it is seemingly enough for Catholics to be excited simply to see an undesecrated crucifix in our society.  To see a movie that is unambiguously Catholic, that promotes Catholic values, that portrays violence done to martyrs in a way that does not glory in gore? This is almost a unicorn.

However, it is the reality of the newly released movie For Greater Glory.


Original Air Date: June 15, 2012
Show Run Time: 43 minutes
Show Guest(s): None
Show Host(s): Stephen Heiner, Nicholas Wansbutter
Season 1 Sponsor:
Anonymous Benefactor in Honor of Sts. Thomas Aquinas & Teresa of Avila

The Flagship Show, Episode 7: For Greater Glory
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