Restoration Radio Season III Launches this Friday

We hope all of our listeners of Restoration Radio are having a blessed Christmastide. 

Join us this Friday, January 3rd, at 11:00am EST as Restoration Radio returns to the air and launches a new season with a content-packed New Year's weekend beginning with a brand new show - Pastoralia - where host Stephen Heiner and show guest, Father Stephen McKenna discuss the "coffee and doughnuts" issues. The show will be devoted to those little topics that we all want to ask about, but never seem to get around to asking.

Saturday, January 4th, at 8:00am EST, we return with a From the Pulpit for the ages. We encourage all listeners to tune in and be ready, because the one delivering the conference that we are providing is probably a voice that at least 75% of our listeners across the world have never heard. Enjoy!

Into the new week we go, with new episodes of Introduction to Catholicism, Clerical Conversations on the Crisis and The Summas.

We will catalogue all the shows on as they go live.

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