The Twenty Ecumenical Councils


The Twenty Ecumenical Councils

By Fr. Clement Raab, OFM


As a companion volume to the Restoration Radio series, The Councils we are now pleased to be providing this book which would serve well in conjunction with that series, or as a stand-alone reference.


From the publisher’s description:

“The present volume is designed to serve as a ready survey and reference book on the history of the councils. It is to serve as an aid, primarily to the cleric or lay student who has neither the time nor the opportunity to delve into, and analyze sources and controversies, but who is satisfied to learn the outstanding facts and findings concerning which Church historians generally agree. This brief and positive sketch of the twenty great events in history, so vibrant with life and so far-reaching in their consequences, will afford him, we trust, a very definite and appreciable knowledge of the nature and history of Holy Mother Church.”



136 pages

Originally published in 1937

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