The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass



by St. Leonard of Port Maurice


Many books have rightly been written on the Holy Mass, the application to a particular time and place of the Eternal Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross of Calvary. None, however, conveys the power and all-consuming majesty of the Divine Liturgy of the Eucharistic Sacrifice as well as The Hidden Treasure. It is the prototype of all subsequent works about the Holy Mass.


The author, St. Leonard of Port Maurice, was a Franciscan ascetic renowned as a preacher in his own times but fallen into relative obscurity in our own age.


Within these pages, find described the immortal merits of the sacrifice of the Mass, one and the same as Christ’s on Calvary: how it expiates for our sins and satisfies God’s justice perfectly, and how it brings endless blessings from heaven, both temporal and spiritual. In addition, learn how to assist reverently and fruitfully at Holy Mass and, as St. Leonard writes, to be counted among the priests of the New Covenant by virtue of baptism as our prayers are offered through ordained priests in union with Christ Himself, the Eternal High Priest.


Nothing is more glorious on this earth or in heaven than the immeasurable sacrifice of the Mass; for it is one and the same as Jesus Christ’s on Calvary, “the Lamb standing as slain from the foundation of the world,” the eternal work of the hidden God made present for us. And there is no better guide to this most mysterious trove of grace as The Hidden Treasure.


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The Hidden Treasure: Holy Mass

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