Saint Philomena Cord – Large


100% cotton plaited Saint Philomena Cord

Large Size

Made by children of the Australian Catholic Mission. Tightness of plaiting and style of plaiting varies but all are made according to required specifications.


Of the several forms which devotion to St. Philomena has taken, perhaps the one that is best known and most used is that of her Cord. The use of her Cord has been from the beginning a favorite way of honouring the saint and invoking her protection, especially against impurity. The Cure of Ars himself blessed and distributed a great many. The cord is white and red, and may be made either of linen, woollen, or cotton threads, interwoven so as to give an almost equal preponderance to both colours; it has two knots at one end. The white colour represents virginity; the red, martyrdom. The cord has been approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites and is enriched with indulgences.


Approximate length: 150cm

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