Hardbound – The Raccolta

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Rev. Joseph P. Christopher, Ph. D.

Rt. Rev. Charles E. Spence, M.A.

Rt. Rev. John F. Rowan, D.D.

A manual of indulgences, prayers, and devotions enriched with indulgences. Edited and in part newly translated into English from the 1950 official edition “Enchiridion Indulgentiarum – Preces et Pia Opera” issued by the Sacred Penitentiary Apostolic.

A real treasure to give or receive and an excellent book for every Catholic library.

A classic that should require very little introduction. This extensive prayer book has been used by the faithful for generations. All prayers originally in Latin in the Typical Edition are given in English and Latin. Other prayers in English only.

Imprimatur 1951

Originally published by Benziger Bros.

633 page book, hardback

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