Christ in the Home


Christ in the Home

By Fr. Raoul Plus S.J.


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This book has been out of print for 50 years…until now! Ideal for anyone considering courtship, the engaged, marriage instruction classes, and even for those married many years. A priceless guidebook to finding a happy marriage, keeping a happy marriage, and raising happy children. A compendium of practical and spiritual advice on family life and raising children that will never be outdated because the principles are as timeless as human nature and virtue.

Dominicana stated in 1951:

This is a work that fulfills the needs of the marriageable and the married – it not only unveils Christian Marriage in its majestic supernatural setting, but it is also a solid psychological guide to a tremendously successful married life. Fr. Plus points out, that “supernatural love, far from suppressing natural love, makes it more tender, more attentive, more generous; it intensifies the sentiments of affection, esteem, admiration, gratitude, respect, and devotion which constitute the essence of true love.”



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