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St. Norbert


In this Imaginative Conservative piece, an American socialite remembers the 50th anniversary of D-Day, marked while she was in Normandy for a lavish wedding reception among decadent nobility.  She wonders whether the soft-living European guests at the castle reception feel any gratitude for the sacrifice of the American soldiers.  One wonders as well about President Roosevelt.   He is quoted as stating that one of the reasons "we" fought was "to protect our faith".

Oh, the irony!  A Canadian protestant minister and academic writes beautifully about St. Cuthbert and the ongoing pilgrimage revival among the non-religious in "Following the Saints, Footfall by Footfall," for Montreal Review.


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As we reported on two weeks ago, Francis has followed through with his intentions to shake up the Vatican’s financial oversight committee. Noted Vatican reporter John Allen gives us the facts in this article from the Boston Globe.  Catholic Tea Partiers need to make a choice between defending their country’s institutions and following the social teachings of their faith, according to Christopher Hale writing in Time Magazine.  And speaking of social teachings, the very pro-choice Patricia Miller, in this excerpt from Religious Dispatches, explains at length how changes in the interpretation of Catholic doctrine concerning sexual morality have led directly to the acceptance of contraception and abortion over the last 60 years.



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