News Roundup: July 23, 2013

Apart from being a noted liturgist, Fr. Adrian Fortescue was also an organist and gifted an absolutely beautiful handwritten organ manuscript to a small church.  Read the story here (you'll have to scroll down a bit, NLM for some reason puts all their leads on top of an individual story).

If you've never heard the story of how St. Ambrose was "nominated" to be a bishop, it's worth this short read.  Note: he wasn't even baptized when it was first suggested!

The first part of this piece, which focuses on the excellent must-have short work Liberalism is a Sin, is worth a read.  The second part can be skipped, in which the TIA agenda of attacking Hilaire Belloc where he was wrong (his analysis of the French Revolution) leads to the condemnation of all his works, some of which are thoroughgoing Catholic histories.  We don't buy the "man was wrong on one issue, ignore all the rest of his work" thesis.

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