News Roundup: Jul 11, 2013

As usual, there have been a bunch of good writings at Tradition in Action lately.

The first article is about modern architecture and although there are signs of sensibility returning to architecture, via the New Urbanist school, among others, we see the thoughtless and utilitarian strip-mall-ish mentality pervading schools, public buildings, and often private office buildings.  Prof. Plineo de Oliveira examines these trends with a short but pointed reflection.  He adds an additional excellent reflection on the Rialto Bridge in Venice.

H.E. Bishop Daniel Dolan gave a great sermon on "Big Government, Li'l me" which was a natural compliment to his Restoration Radio appearance for July 4th.

Fr. Cekada gave a very Catholic point of view on the entire Paula Deen affair.  Refreshing and clear.

Novus Ordo Watch put together a great piece commenting on the upcoming "canonization" of John Paul (the not great).  Definitely worth a read to revisit his errors as well as the problem of those who "resist" canonizations from the man they consider the Vicar of Jesus Christ on earth.

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