09.01.2014 | Radio Network News: We’re Back!

01 September 2014 A.D.

The Feast of St. Giles, Ab.


Dear Restoration Radio Listeners,

September 1st is finally upon us and as most of our listeners are aware, we have undertaken a massive overhaul of our website and the direction of our radio network. The last 60 days have been some of the busiest and most complex days in the history of our network.

I want to thank our listeners not only for their patience, but also their unbelievable support in the last two months as we had to break longer than we expected to complete the transition to our new site and new format. The e-mails of support and the compliments that we have received since we revealed the transition of our site have been so heartening and inspiring for us to continue our efforts in this apostolate. From all of us at Restoration Radio Network, "thank you" seems to fall woefully short to express our gratitude for your support.

Starting today, we resume our normal show schedule and new shows will be back on as per usual. I'd like to take the opportunity to remind listeners that we will no longer be housed on Blog Talk Radio, and the shows will no longer be found there. If you are reading this post, you are at the home of all Restoration Radio content from now on. As we record the shows and post-produce them, they will be uploaded to this site.

We are still finalizing a few things, including our smartphone App (which is currently in development), finishing our iTunes store transition and other some back-end stuff that will not cause disruption to our show production. We have a lot planned for the remaining three months in Season 3, and cannot wait for them to air.

By now, all of our members should have received their login credentials to access the content corresponding to their level of membership. If you have subscribed, but have not received these credentials, please contact us here and we will promptly see to it that your account is correctly configured for access.

I assure you that your patience and understanding will be rewarded with our continued efforts to tirelessly bring you the best Catholic content available anywhere on the internet today, as we continue to zealously fight against this sea of error brought upon us by the Modernist heresy.

On behalf of all of us at Restoration Radio, thank you, and welcome back.

In Xto,

Justin Soeder
Executive Producer
Restoration Radio Network

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