Month of Our Lady – May Sale

All of us at True Restoration hope that you are enjoying our May Restoration Radio series, "True Devotion to Mary" with Father Fliess.

Quoting from Mother Mary Potter's "Path of Mary" also found in the preface to her book, "The Loves which Reign in the Heart of Mary" both which promote and expound on the devotion of total consecration to Our Lady, as was her wont:

"At the time of the Passion of Our Lord - the most fearful time of the dominion of Satan, when he was allowed a power that he will never be allowed again - who were the faithful ones who continued with Our Lord to the end? In that time of general temptation, when even Peter denied the Master Whom he loved so well, who were the happy ones who did not abandon Our Lord when He, for their sakes, was seemingly abandoned even by His heavenly Father? Who hoped and trusted in Him when others despaired? Who, though weeping, adored, whilst the world around scoffed and mocked? Who were they?  Weigh well the answer.


Whence had they this great grace?  From her all-powerful intercession.  As it was then, so will it be again. It will be well for us to think of this earnestly, seriously; not carelessly, but with thought and prayer."

To provide our readership with additional aids for deepening their devotion to the Blessed Virgin, all our specifically Marian items will be reduced for three days from Thursday, 23rd through Saturday, 25th May (Central Time).

Consecration to Mary – $13.00 – Book Review

Glories of Mary – $9.00

True Devotion to Mary – $4.50

Hail Holy Queen – $4.00

The Imitation of Mary – $6.50

The Secret of the Rosary – $4.00

Brown Scapular (Brown Cord) – $7.50

Olive Wood Rosary Beads – $12.50

Annual Members receive their additional 10% discount on top of these already discounted prices.


Theresa is Director of True Restoration Press and hostess of the Restoration Radio series, “The Catholic Home.” She is a cradle Catholic, homeschooling mother residing in Australia.