Our Prices Are Increasing For New Members

We are about to begin the 12th season of Restoration Radio. We certainly had no idea that we would ever get this far when we started back in 2012.

Our prices have been fairly stable since we have moved from the unsuccessful donation-based model in our third season. While the single biggest “expense” we have is the stipends we pay to our clergy that appear as guests, we’ve sought to increase that over the years and we’ve also sought to professionalize every aspect of our company, from our audio quality to our backend operations, to our recent foray into translations of texts previously unavailable in English.

But the value proposition that we offered in season 3 or 7 or even 10 isn’t what we are offering now. We are the single largest repository of clerically-driven content on specific issues and teachings. We like to consider ourselves “Catholic continuing education.” Even if we spent our whole lifetime studying our faith (and we aspire to!) we would only be beginning the journey we will spend our eternity on: knowing, loving, and serving Our Lord.

As we increase prices, we will be increasing what we provide to our members. Existing members will keep their current pricing.

Annual members will receive access to some exclusive translations each year.

Monthly members will now have access to both the previous season and the current season.

Digital members will now also have access to seasons 6 and 7.

As always, we thank our members at every level who help support our clergy and this work. We truly could not do this without your material and spiritual support.

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True Restoration Staff