Literature and Secret Pride

This week we begin with a bit of classic poetry: The Art of Manliness presents Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the post Manvotional: The Ladder of St. Augustine. “Standing on what too long we bore / With shoulders bent and downcast eyes, / We may discern — unseen before — /
A path to higher destinies…” We have all heard the enduring truth that Sainthood is attained by degrees; this poem will inspire you to embark on that all-important journey of many steps.

The great cornerstone of modern Catholic literature, G.K. Chesterton, can be a daunting figure for those new to his proliferous writings. But fear not! Tod Worner posts 5 Tips on how to read G.K. Chesterton on Aleteia to ease you comfortably into the wit, wisdom, and common sense that have made Chesterton well-known and well-loved by Catholics everywhere.

Those who struggle with scruples are well aware of the evils of this vice and its root in secret pride - perhaps hidden even from its sufferer. Scruples - Light and Peace, Quadrupani, 1795 on Finer Femininity shares wisdom, insight, and sound advice for overcoming scrupulosity. “Scruples warp the judgment, disturb the peace of the soul, beget mistrust of the Sacraments and estrangement from them, and impair the health of body and mind… Shun then this insidious poison, so deadly in its effects on true piety, and say with Saint Joseph of Cupertino: Away with sadness and scruples; I will not have them in my house.”

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