Islam: The Anti-Catholicism

Islam and the Decalogue on The Catholic Thing offers a blunt, factual examination of the philosophies of Islam. The author, Howard Kainz, offers a brief comparison of the teachings of Islam and those of Catholicism by examining the last 7 of the 10 Commandments and contrasting them with the teachings of the Qur’an. The illustration is stark: Islam does, in fact, teach the opposite of Christianity.

Truly charitable acts are, of course, performed for love of God. However, it is quite easy to lose sight of this purpose and miss out on the opportunity to offer Our Lord a true act of love despite starting out with good intentions. True Charity – The Greatest Virtue on Grow in Virtue gives insight into how this so often happens, and extends advice and inspiration for cultivating this most holy virtue.

In The Power of Obedience on Who Shall Find a Valiant Woman, Señorita Rita shares a story of Saint Benedict and a miracle made possible through unfaltering obedience, as related by Saint Gregory in his “Second Book of Dialogues.” How well we would all do to abide by her observations on the importance of humility and obedience!

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