Introducing Christ as the Real Hero

Eve of St. Valentine

Using the three-act play as a model, Daniel McInerny exposes secularism for what it is--a fake religion, without inspiration, without hope, in this essay for The Catholic Thing.

In this Imaginative Conservative piece, Peter A. Lawler reviews the movie, American Sniper, with a focus on the hero's role as a protector.  Whether or not you agree with America's wars in the Middle East, this is a fascinating topic because it strikes at the heart of how Christian patriarchy defines manhood and is therefore targeted by the destroyers of Catholic order.

OODA will be your new mantra.  "How to Develop the Situational Awareness of Jason Bourne," on The Art of Manliness, teaches concrete steps for increasing one's survival and protection skills.

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True Restoration

Learn and Live the Catholic Faith

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