Personal identity is not a matter of preference or selection. In his article Personal Identity is Not Chosen at Crisis Magazine, James Kalb gives a thorough explanation of what personal identity is, the ways in which it is defined for each individual, and why its parameters are almost never a matter of personal choice. He further discusses the ominous implications of the cultural and political movements currently going head-to-head around the world. “Consider, for example, the situation in Russia and China after the failure of communism, an attempt to eradicate the social relevance of economic self-interest. So it seems that those intensely alarmed by Brexit and Trump correctly sense a profound threat to the global managed system…”

Continuing with an aspect of identity that can be chosen, Finer Femininity offers a beautiful excerpt from Father Daniel A. Lord, S.J. entitled In Praise of UnMarried Women. Beginning with how the Church has elevated these women from a place of scorn to that of admiration, this piece expounds the virtues and value of these pure and virginal women, the amazing roles they’ve played throughout Catholic history, and their special place in Our Lord’s heart.

Finally, one of the most reverenced identities of Our Lady, that of Queen of Heaven, is expounded upon at The Thinking Housewife. Works of art featuring the Blessed Virgin Mary are commonplace in museums throughout the world because of her simple and timeless beauty. “It is true: Her soul magnified the Lord.”

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